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What Can MAPCCS Do For You?

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Mission Statement
MAPCCS will be the driving force for the advocacy and development of private college and career schools in the state of Maryland. We will foster quality education
for each student served by promoting accessibility, affordability and diversity for
our member schools; encourage compliance and accountability; participation in
legislative activities; provide professional development; provide networking opportunities and peer support.

MAPCCS Membership Benefits
Member schools enjoy a host of benefits. As the voice of the private career school industry on state and federal legislative issues, member schools ensure the quality of education for all students. Since 1983, more than $2,650,000 in merit scholarships have been offered to deserving high school seniors interested in training which leads directly to careers. MAPCCS members are committed to the continuing education and professional development of their faculties and staffs and sponsor an Annual Conference as well as monthly business and training meetings. Any school interested in the advancement of private career school education may join the Association.

For more information on member schools, including contact information, visit the member schools page. For more information about the Association, contact the Association office.

Accreditation and Approvals

All schools are approved by the Maryland Higher Education Commission. Many MAPCCS schools are accredited by national accrediting bodies. Many schools are also approved for the education of veteran and other eligible dependents.

ACICS- Accrediting Commission for Independent Colleges and Schools

ABHES- Accrediting Board of Health Education Schools

NACCAS- National Accrediting Commission of Cosmetology Arts and Sciences

CAHEA- Committee of Allied Health Education and Accreditation

ACCSC- Accrediting Commission for Career Schools and Colleges

ACCET- Accrediting Commission for Continuing Education and Training

Credit Transfer Agreements
Several MAPCCS member schools have established credit transfer agreements with Maryland community colleges and other regional colleges and universities. These agreements enable students graduating from a career school with such an agreement to receive a predetermined number of credits toward a college degree. These agreements encourage private career school graduates to continue to pursue post-secondary education. For more information on credit transfer agreements, contact the admissions office of the member school.

Financial Assistance
Financial assistance is offered at most member schools. Those schools which are nationally accredited may also participate in federal student financial aid programs , such as student loans or grants. The loans or grants are available to eligible students. Interested students should contact the school's financial aid office for more information.

Additionally, all private career schools are eligible to participate in the Jack F. Tolbert Memorial Scholarship program. This scholarship is awarded exclusively to Maryland residents attending Maryland private career schools which demonstrate financial need. Maryland residents attending nationally accredited schools may also participate in the Maryland Senatorial and House of Delegates scholarship programs. For more information, contact the school's financial aid office or the Maryland State Scholarship Administration at the Maryland Higher Education Commission..